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The F.A.L.C. shutter boxes range is characterized not only by first quality materials and generation, but also by numerous versions. Pre-plastering remains a distinctive character in the market.


F.A.L.C. monoblocks are divided into various models and refer to structural logics that are unique in the market. The thermoacoustic certification meets the highest standards. 


The F.A.L.C. frame is one of the company's historical products. It remains as a niche product, in two versions with thermal break. The product know-how dates back to 1982.


The FALC roller shutter offer contains a pre-selection of all the best profiles on the market: from the most historically validated to the latest new ones.


The F.A.L.C. sunbreak offer is presented as the roller shutter, an excellent integration with the monoblock and a valid alternative. Exhaustive models and colors.


From niche product to full-blown reality, the tent is increasingly in demand by designers and planners generating the conditions for the search for a dedicated monoblock.


VMC was conceived to be incorporated in the monoblock. A new F.A.L.C. monoblock is born, not only designed to meet the highest requirements in terms of thermoacoustic insulation, but also

compatible with the buildings highest energy insulation standards.


F.A.L.C. prefabricated sides represent the distinctive part of the F.A.L.C. Monoblocks. In their many versions and finishes, they make the monoblock customized on a tailoring level. From extreme cost-effectiveness to top-of-the-range quality, the careful choice of this element is of paramount importance.


The installation of monoblocks and obscuring systems has always generated inconveniences and unforeseen events. We solved them first when designing the product and then with the development of a fast, simple and efficient installation system that complies with all the requirements of the most recent regulations.



F.A.L.C. is an Italian production company that since 1958 develops and produces sun protection for the window compartment closure. It has always been attentive to the issue of buildings environmental sustainability. The company's commitment to continuous research and development allows to achieve the complete optimization of the products as far as energy efficiency is concerned.

Our history dates back to the 1940s:

  • In 1947 Angelo Simioni founds the "Falegnameria Angelo Simioni".

  • Since 1958, transforming his "Falegnameria" into F.A.L.C., Angelo Simioni starts the production of wooden roller shutters. 

  • From 1970 the production of semi-finished products in PVC is added.

  • From 1976 the production of wooden beadings for overhead doors is added.

  • From 1980 the production of prefabricated thermo-insulating shutter boxes is started.

  • From 1982 the production of galvanized steel / wood  frames is added.

  • From 1988 the production of wooden overhead and wooden sectional doors is added. 

  • Since 2003 F.A.L.C. is certified by RINA e IQNet.

  • In 2004 the first patent on the thermo-acoustic shutter box is obtained.

  • In 2006 the production of wooden overhead doors, wooden sectional doors and beadings ends.

  • From 2007 the production of prefabricated thermo-acoustic sides is added.

  • From 2009 the production of "sample" certified thermoacoustic monoblocks is added, structured according to:

    • type of masonry

    • type of internal and external windows

    • quality certification of buildings

  • In 2018 the company begins the process certification of Industry 4.0.






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