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Frames solutions

Controtelaio in Plywood

The thermal break false frames represent the best evolution of the traditional false frame concept. They are made of Plywood Structural 2+ to offer the best mechanical and thermal insulation characteristics by completely eliminating the metal structure of the traditional false frame.

There are two versions:

- for the application of the coat

- centromuro variant.




Plywood Frame
Falso telaio zinzato
Zinc-Plated Frame

Zinc-plated frames with thermal break are at the middle step concerning thermal insulation. They are made of zinc-plated steel to offer the best mechanical features. There is Plywood insert for the thermal breaking on the internal side.

There are three main versions:

Si distinguono in tre versioni: 

- thermal insulation coating

- center of the wall

- plaster


FAQ  Curiosità 

Why the F.A.L.C. frames are different?

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