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Monoblocks solutions

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The monoblock for the shutters represents the flexibility of the monobloc product concept when compared to the traditional subframe. There are, indeed, three variants suitable for all needs:

- 3 sides, for windows without shutters

- for having shutters in light fixed (Vicenza model based)

- for hinged shutters (Padua model based).

It is completed by a sub-pallet to perfectly isolate the threshold side of the door / window.

In any case, the element acoustically and thermally certifies the window compartment.



Monoblock 3 Sides - Shutters
Monoblock for roller shutters

The monoblock for roller shutters is the most classic product of the entire range of the FALC offer

It can be configured by combining any model of FALC box for roller shutters with a model of FALC shoulders according to the desired thermal and acoustic performance. It is completed by a sub-bench to perfectly isolate the threshold side of the door / window.

It can be customized according to specific construction site needs, subject to an internal feasibility assessment.

The element always certifies the window compartment acoustically and thermally.



FAQ  Curiosity 

Why F.A.L.C. monoblocks are different?

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