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The solution for the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation - VMC


One of the latest developments of the  F.A.L.C. monoblock  has an incorporated Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system (VMC). This product of refined design and very high technological content, represents the top of the range on the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation market.


The machine is equipped with a heat recovery unit and balanced double cross-flow multilayer filters. In this way, thanks to the enthalpy heat exchanger, it is possible to recover up to 82% of the thermal energy present in the domestic environment.


The VMC provides a controlled air flow from 15 to 42 m3 / hour with double filtration of the intake air with two filters in sequence, and with a third filter for the extracted air. The filtering group allows a reduction of 90-95% of PM 0.4, 98% of PM 2.5 and 100% of PM 10 eliminating any type of pollen and spore. All machine functions are managed automatically, via remote control or App.

Side view of the external extraction vents on the Bluclad sheet. The design plate that masks the internal extraction vents is located opposite the shoulder.


foto trasp.png
20180306_111258 TAGLIATO.png

Front view of the Controlled Mechanical Ventilation integrated into the shoulder of the F.A.L.C. monoblock.



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     Calculating the number of  monoblocks  is very simple: it is the number of door / window holes! Calculating the number of VMC machines is a little more complicated, so rely on the  Thesan configurator!


FAQ  Curiosity 

Why is the F.A.L.C. VMC different?

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